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🌟Step into the enchanting realm of LOVE MEE – TRIPASIA, where the boundaries between dimensions blur, and the beats echo with captivating enchantment! 🌟
🔥Experience a dance floor that defies the limits of space and time. Pathways aglow with the shimmering hues of the aurora borealis invite you to take each step, setting off energy waves that pulse through the very essence of our cosmic dance haven.🔥
🌙Embark on a journey through portals that challenge the laws of physics, whisking you away to alternate dimensions. Each portal serves as a gateway to a unique experience, from serene cosmic chill-out zone where time holds its breath to realms alive with the pulse of futuristic beats.🌙
🔥 Two mesmerizing dance floors
🔥Hours of electronic music
🔥15 DJ’s delivering electrifying
🔥Delectable cuisine
🔥Refreshing beverages
🔥Ample parking for your convenience
💛LOVE MEE – TRIPASIA 💛transcends being a mere event; it’s an odyssey into the fantastical, a celebration of the cosmic dance uniting beings across dimensions. Join us in dancing under the astral spell, where fantasy and reality intertwine in a symphony of luminescent magic. 💛

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We're designers, creatives, artists, and awkward dancers. We have over two decades of experience in the creative, artist and events industry, producing exciting experiential experiences for people and brands that are as smart, as they are effective. When it comes to event production, we believe anything is possible.

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