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Experience LOVE MEE – UNTAMED ECHOES in the heart of the Concrete Jungle! With a general access ticket, you’ll enjoy:

Immersive Atmosphere: Dance beneath a jungle of dazzling lights, where the city’s energy meets house music’s rhythmic beats.

Stellar Line-up: Prepare to be blown away by renowned and emerging artists, creating an unforgettable experience with diverse genres of house music.

Visual Extravaganza: Mesmerizing lighting displays and cutting-edge visuals transform the Concrete Jungle into an otherworldly playground.

Euphoric Connections: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for house music and nightlife, forging new friendships in this concrete oasis.

Food and Drink Delights: Refuel with a variety of food and beverage options, from street food to cocktails.

Unleash Your Spirit: Roam, explore, and let your spirit soar in this playground of freedom and infectious energy.

Join us for an extraordinary night of house music, connection, and magic in the Concrete Jungle.

Secure your general access ticket now and let the beats guide you on this unforgettable journey!


Elevate your experience in the Concrete Jungle with a VIP ticket to LOVE MEE – UNTAMED ECHOES. Enjoy exclusive perks:

VIP Expedited Entry: Swift access through a dedicated entrance, skipping the lines.

VIP Retreat: Relax and mingle in an exclusive VIP area with comfortable seating.

Stage View: Witness electrifying performances from an optimal vantage point.

Dedicated cashless VIP Bars: Enjoy shorter wait times and attentive service.

Delights: Indulge in exclusive culinary offerings.

VIP Amenities and Services: Private restrooms, coat check, and more.

Exclusive Merchandise: Take home special event souvenirs.

Meet Artists: You never know who you might meet in VIP.

Step into LOVE MEE – UNTAMED ECHOES as a VIP and embark on a wild journey like no other.
Secure your VIP ticket today for an extraordinary, stylish urban exploration!


We're designers, creatives, artists, and awkward dancers. We have over two decades of experience in the creative, artist and events industry, producing exciting experiential experiences for people and brands that are as smart, as they are effective. When it comes to event production, we believe anything is possible.

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